Some of the benefits of leasing:

100% Tax Deductible
Lease payments are usually a pre-tax operating expense and therefore are fully deductible (consult your CPA).

Preserves Capital and Credit Lines
Leasing keeps your capital sources available to meet needed short-term requirements. Conserve your cash and credit lines for important long-range plans such as expansion, improvements, and growth.

100% Financing
No large down payment is required to start a lease. Leasing puts the equipment to work for you immediately, at minimal up-front cost.

Makes More Equipment Available
Since the monthly lease payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment, leasing allows you to obtain a greater amount of equipment for your business.

Specially Designed Lease Programs

Deferred Payment 
This program is attractive to companies in which the equipment will be used for a project that won't generate revenue for a short period of time, possibly three to six months. The lease is structured so that the initial months have nominal or no payments. 

Seasonal Payment
This lease is designed for those businesses with seasonal cash flows. We can design a lease where the payments might be lower during the summer months and higher during the rest of the year.

We customize your payments to suit your cash flow.